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Expert Entertainment Equipment Services

Game leasing from Columbus Coin-Op Shop in Columbus, GA is a great way to bring people in to your bar or restaurant. We know what works well in certain areas and establishments so do not hesitate to ask for advice and suggestions to help you choose. We have attractive leasing deals and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. If you do own a machine, we buy used ones as well as offering amusement equipment repairs, parts and supplies.

On-Site Service

For an initial fee of $75, Columbus Coin Op Shop will come to your location and provide consultation for your unique situation regarding service or repair of your equipment. Please understand that the fee will be higher depending on how far from us you are located. Because each situation is different, your solution options will vary based on your specific requirements. Some services are best rendered on-site and some are best suited for in-shop. If you have requested on-site repair and a technician determines that in-shop service is required, there will be no additional fee for transporting from accessible ground floor locations within a 25-mile radius of our shop.

In-Shop Service

Detailed in-shop diagnostics begin at $75 and waived upon customer consent for repair service through Columbus Coin Op Shop. Due to the amount of workload and space constraints, we require customers to confirm availability by phone to ensure we have room for your service item.

Pickup and Delivery

Because many repairs are performed in our facility, Columbus Coin Op Shop can provide free pickup and delivery of your item within a 25-mile radius if you have us perform the work. Items must be accessible from the ground floor of the pickup or delivery location.

Schedule an Appointment

We assure great service at competitive prices. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for our jukebox repair services. We also sell and lease amusement equipment.

Call us: 706-507-2963

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